Physical Intervention Skills

Physical Intervention Training

Physical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely. Maybo’s physical intervention training is based on natural movements that do not rely on strength or aggression.

These no-violent skills have been legally & medically reviewed & have earned considerable credibility across different sectors.

This module based physical intervention training varies from disengagement tactics to more advanced rescue techniques, escorting methods through to holding skills.

Throughout the physical intervention training course we will examine:

All physical intervention training courses are accredited. Each delegate will be issued with a Maybo certificate with either City & Guilds, British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body (BIIAB), or other sector specific awarding body accreditation.

Physical Intervention in Care Environments

Many care staff require assault avoidance skills and those working in A&E and mental health units will require holding skills. Maybo offer two slightly different courses for physical skills in healthcare and physical skills in care.

This programme developed by Maybo's team of healthcare professionals not only meets regulatory Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) refresher requirements; it also makes a real difference in reducing risks of malicious and clinically related assaults.

For staff dealing with long term mental health and learning disability patients (from children to the elderly) in care homes

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