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Global is licensed to deliver Maybo Training Programmes, the UK's leading brand in workplace conflict management training.

We provide a range of Conflict Management training & Physical intervention training programmes. You can benefit from the reassurance provided by this creditable, accredited conflict management training model in such high risk subject. We can guide you through the possible solutions that might suit your organisation.

Who is the Maybo training course for?

Conflict Management training is required In certain roles to help staff to safely & effectively manage aggressive & challenging behaviour. The course is of particular value to roles such as:

Why is the Maybo training course so special?

Maybo training maps to key standards & qualifications & encourages non physical responses to conflict & violence. The unique Maybo conflict management training programme, equips candidates with the necessary skills to calm a situation, without resorting to the application of pain techniques to gain the aggressor's compliance. These skill are taught in such a way as to allow the candidates to identify the least aversive option to either extract themselves or calm the situation.

The Maybo training focuses on personal safety & conflict management & resolution in your working environment. The learning includes:

All programmes have their foundations in Maybo's tried & tested models:

SAFER for staff to carry out dynamic risk assessment

OPEN PALMS for staff to reduce risk through demonstration of non-aggression.

We tailor the learning to integrate with organisational policy & guidance & to meet the different needs of staff at risk

Personal safety and conflict resolution in your working environment is the focus of the training. It will give staff the confidence and practical skills they need to reduce risk themselves, their customers and service users and their organisation.

Preventing & defusing conflict, by addressing root causes of frustration and conflict enhances service delivery. Training is a vital ingredient needed to improve the quality of care and to reduce risks to services users.

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